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Jah'Mila East Coast Music Awards

Photo Credit: NL Live Events


2024 - Juno Award Nominee:

  • Reggae Recording of the Year

2023 - Music Nova Scotia:

  • African Nova Scotian Artist of the Year

  • New Artist Recording of the Year


2023 - East Coast Music Awards:

  • Global Music Recording of the Year

2022 - ANSMA (African Nova Scotian Music Association):

  • Artiste of the Year

  • Rising Star


2022 - Black Canadian National Summit

2022 - The Lieutenant Governor's Gala

2022 - Canadian Heritage National Celebration of Black History Month

(Presented following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's speech)

2022 - Nina Simone Tribute Show with Symphony Nova Scotia

The Coast

"My music is a fusion of the rich cultural heritage of my homeland and my experiences of adapting to my new home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My debut album, Roots Girl, reflects this cross-cultural journey, encompassing my deep Jamaican roots and the transformative experience of my Canadian adventure."

- Jah'Mila in an feature article on The Coast

The Globe and Mail

"I’ve made a commitment to roots reggae music to bring it into the next generation. Me and the other talented artists have done some justice to the art form, I think. It has always been the voice of the marginalized and oppressed people. Not only does it make you feel good and spread the message of one love, but it also highlights a call for equality and advocacy for the marginalized people and groups. Nina Simone said it best: If you have a platform as an artist, it’s part of your responsibility to use it. I agree that it’s a responsibility and not just a choice."

- Jah'Mila in a feature article on The Globe and Mail

CBC News

"It was the voice of the marginalized in the community and it was a way for them to be able to share their dissatisfaction with their way of life. It's either political social commentary or it was just an encouragement for all of us to live in one love and equality and unity."

- Jah'Mila on reggae music in a feature article on CBC News


"I hope it will serve as a prototype for similar initiatives in other places around the world, especially in Jamaica. As the younger generations in Jamaica turn their attention away from their roots, and toward the more current and popular music, a big piece of our history and legacy is at risk of becoming obscure and/or diluted," she said. "This Reggae Roots programme can help to preserve this history in a way that no other programme has done before."

- Jah'Mila on her collaborative Reggae Roots Education Program with the National Arts Centre Orchestra and conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser in a feature article on the Jamaica Observer


"The special performance at The Rose Brampton will appeal to patrons of every age. Reflecting on the social, cultural, and spiritual importance of Reggae, one of Jamaica’s most famous exports, the concert invites attendees to explore the evolution of the genre, and discover the people, sounds, and stories of the movement that grew to influence music around the globe."

- The Toronto Symphony Orchestra Newsroom on the TSO performing in Brampton for the first time with a Reggae Roots concert featuring Jah'Mila

Reggae North

 “We are very grateful! We are especially proud that the debut album has been recognized in this way”, she said.  “We worked hard through the pandemic under dire circumstances”, the excited Roots Girl continued. “It’s a starting point for us, that will set the standard for all our future works. We will continue making good quality reggae music for the East Coast and the world”

- Jah'Mila in a feature article on Reggae North about her two 2023 East Coast Music Awards nominations

Reggae Vibes

“While there was no clearly defined concept going into the production phase of this album, my team and I have always had a focus towards preserving quality roots reggae music. So, as we created a space for ourselves together in the Canadian music scene, we wanted our music to reflect quality roots reggae music. We want to uphold it and preserve it,” - Jah'Mila in a feature article on Reggae Vibes about her debut album 'Roots Girl'

The Coast

You’d be better off thinking of the record, then, as less of launch and more of a landing: The delivering of eight tracks that are the sonic receipts for all she’s shown herself to be so far, like a sought-after sonic collaborator and a voice powerful enough to tackle the songs of Nina Simone (which she did last year with Symphony Nova Scotia) or share the stage with the National Arts Centre orchestra."
-The Coast on Jah'Mila's debut album 'Roots Girl'

CBC News

"It's been a really cool few years of building a relationship with the symphony Nova Scotia. It all started when I did an Orchestrated Neighbours program through Music Nova Scotia. And through this program, I was able to collaborate with not only orchestral musicians, but also different artists from the community who do different types of music."

- Jah'Mila in a feature article on CBC News about her Nine Simone Tribute Series with Symphony Nova Scotia

CBC News

Featured on CBC's Information Morning Nova Scotia with Portia Clark

CBC News

Featured on CBC's East Coast Music Hour as a Guest Co-Host and Program Curator

CBC News

Live Interview on CBC's q 

CBC News

Live Interview about "Roots Girl" Debut Album on CBC's Weekend Mornings   

CBC News

Live Interview about "Roots Girl" Debut Album on CBC Mainstreet

CTV News

CTV News Atlantic Live Interview at Nova Scotia Music Week ("Roots Girl" Debut Album Release Day)

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